Saturday, March 26, 2011


Have you ever sat in class?
Then taken a look in the back?
You see the outcasted, nerdy kid,
The one that they call "the fag"

He's the one that nobody see's,
He's always isolated,
And when he tries to make some friends, in the end he's hated,

Have you ever seen the scronny kid walking down the hall?
The one you make fun of all the time,
Not caring how he feels at all?

He's the one that can't play sports,
He's always the one picked last
And when he tries his very hardest,
All you do is laugh,

Have you ever seen the silent kid?
The one who eats lunch with nobody around?
You don't even know the reason why,
And yet you continue to put him down,

He's the one who's almost invisible,
Like his cuts and bruises nobody sees
Never talks, no laughs, not even a smile,
It should be obvious to you he's not an average teen,

Have you ever been mistreated in every way?
Molested, and beaten, every single day?
How about considered nothing more than a freak?
Last week you were known as the average geek.

What if you lost ur parents at the age of 1,
Then struggled everyday to find a thing called "Love",
What would you do? Would you fall in the mud?
I did, I'm him, the kid you made fun of,

Im the kid in the back of the class,
The one with the nickname, known as "the fag"
I'm the scronny kid walking down the hall,
Who, also could not play sports at all,
I was the silent kid, the one who's invisible,
You as might as well have told me that i'm not livable,
But nevertheless you wondered that morning why i was absent for class,
But let me give you a secret, let me give you some facts,
Heres the facts, heres the truth, no matter how hard i tried,
It was me, i was that kid, at home committing suicide.

Words affect people more then you can imagine, and I wrote this poem when i was going through a hard time in high school, to help people think before they make fun of someone. And also, to let victims of being made fun of, know that you are not alone.